Looking to find out a little bit more about the website itself and how it all started, well you have come to the right place! Here you will find information on how the website started, how to contact us, and even take a look back and some past layouts that were featured on the website. This is also where credit and thanks is given to the people who made this website possible.

About The Website

In February 2007 Grace's website made its debut. Her sisters Faith and Hope had been playing the role of Molly on General Hospital and had a website of their own, but Grace was booking several print jobs of her own, so to give her her own space, that is when Roo Baby really took its shape. The website has gone through several changes throughout the years, and that isn't the only thing that has done some changing. Grace was there years old about to celebrate her fourth birthday when the website launched. This year 2016 our little Roo Baby will be entering the world of a teenager! It has been fun watching you grow up all these years, and we will continue to share her story as she continues to grow.

Credit and Thank You

This site was not made over night, nor was it a spur of the moment thing either. So there are a few people that deserve a thank you for making an amazing site.

Dever Family, Well really, without the Dever Family, there would be no Grace site. Thanks for allowing me to make this site for your amazing daughter. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Dever Family!

Surpass-Hosting, for giving us a new home and taking us in, thanks for allowing the site to continue to grow.

Comfort-Host, for being a quick action and amazing host, this site wouldn't be here if it wasn't for them.

Serberry Designs, it has been a blast watching you improve your Graphic Design skills! We love you Sarah!

DK-Designs, for helping to get this site off the ground with your coding talent. Thanks Kat!.

Borrowed-Heaven, once agian, Jaje brings fresh new looks to the site and Im always excited to see what she can do with any given picture. Thanks for taking the time to help out and contribute your amazing graphic designs girl.

Frontier Designs, thanks for the graphics you have allowed us to use and for adding your own splash of color. Thanks Marie.

Lauren, thanks for your partnership in the site's early days, when the site was known as Roo Baby.

Past Layouts

Since Grace's website has been up and running for several years, as mentioned above it has gone through several changes in its look and appearance. We have had many talented designers take part in the growth and developement of Grace's site, and we are happy to give them a shout out. Here is where you can look back at all the layouts since the website was born!

Above is only a small preview, to see many more wonderful designs, Click To Visit The Past Layouts Page

Contact Us

Have a question or a comment, simply Click To Email and we will do our best to help you out!