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07 May 2007
New Photoshoot
This past week Grace had a photoshoot with Anthony Godoy. The photo's have been added to the gallery; the pictures are adorable, Grace looks absolutely lovely; wearing three very cute outfits.

Keep an eye on the portfolio as well, I have two new additions to add to it later this week.


Posted by: Laura

02 May 2007
Shilav Website
The lovely little Gracie girl is now on the Shilav website looking ever so sweet!!!

We have posted pictures of Grace on the Shilav website into the gallery, they can be veiwed by clicking here, or you can go to www.shilav.com and view the site live.


Posted by: Laura

09 Apr 2007

Made By Marie

Happy 4th Birthday Roo Baby!!

We hope you have the best April 10th ever!!!

from your fans at gracedever.com

If you would like to leave Grace a Birthday message please go to the fan forum!

Posted by: Laura

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