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01 Nov 2007
First off I just want to say that Grace did an amazing job last night on CSI:NY, her performance was amazing! -high five- Grace.

Screen caps from Graces episode last night have been added to the gallery in the Television section, as well as some candids of Grace in her Halloween costume this year, they can be seen in Candids>Halloween 2007, and last but not least in the photoshoot section a really cute shoot that Grace did a few weeks ago has been added, these pictures are mighty cute and you for sure will want to take a peek, they can be found in Photoshoots>Blue Sky Shoot 2007.

enjoy all the new stuff and be sure to stop by the Fan Forum to discuss Grace on CSI last night!!

Posted by: Laura

31 Oct 2007
The day is finally here, Grace's CSI:NY episode Boo airs tonight at 10:00PM!!! Be sure and tune in for her Television debut!!!

Also Happy Halloween to everyone, I hope you get lots of candy and have a blast scaring people or getting scared!!!

Grace we hope you have a great Halloween, we are sure you look as sweet as ever in your costume!!!

Posted by: Laura

27 Oct 2007
Some great news for Grace fans!!

Some of you may have been aware that Grace did a print work shoot for Canon Europe a few weeks back; and well the good news is in, we have a copy of her ad in the gallery!! It is under Photoshoots > Canon Europe Print Work - 2007.

Stop by and take a look cause little Grace is looking super cute front and center in the sand with her shades on!! Way to go Gracie girl!!! Two little thumbs way up!

Just a reminder also that we are now five days away from Grace's appearance on CSI:NY!!!

Posted by: Laura

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