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22 Jun 2008
Summer Walmart Commercial

Click Image 1 for Screencaps, Click Image 2 for Behind The Scenes

Grace did such an amazing job on the Walmart commercial!. What a fun commercial to shoot. Running around playing in a sprinkler, getting to eat ice cream, and jumping up and down saying how Yummy it is. all in a days work for Miss Gracie Girl.

For those of you who haven't saw the commercial or just want to see it again, head on over to the Media section.

Posted by: Laura

22 Jun 2008
Welcome Back!
Welcome Back to the brand new site of Grace Dever!. As you can see some changes have been made.

First off being with the all new fabulous layouts. As you can see the main has been redone. Things have been changed around on the sidebar with Grace's current projects. A new POTM. Even some new buttons

In Grace's Section you can also see a new Bio that will be added to, but there is now a picture to go along with the text, also in that section is a fully redone resume so make sure to take a look there.

Portfolio has had the stats updates and a few new pictures to be added are coming soon.

The Media Section is ALSO up, and you can find Graces clips of being on CSI:NY there along with her Walmart Commercial.

The site section has a few new fun features to, so be sure to make your way over there. You can now view some of the amazing layouts this site has had in the past, made by some really amazing people.

Then don't forgot to check out the new look to the gallery and forum!, we told you there would be BIG changes, all new pics to come to!

Also, like promised, the site now has a new name. With Grace turning FIVE this year, as much as we loved Roo Baby, it was time for a new name to grow as Grace does. So Welcome to SIMPLY GRACE!

Finally, while many of you know I have been working more so behind the scenes on Grace's site, I am now proud to be able to bring you all the latest news and updates on what Grace is up to.

Well I hope your all as excited to have the site back as I am!.

Posted by: Laura

21 Jun 2008
Love Joleen Photoshoot

Click A Picture To See More

First new head shots of 2008!. Looking fabulous as always. Grace really shows us she knows how to strike a pose in these photos, check out the hand on hip action in the pictures of her leaning against the tree.

Posted by: Laura

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