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26 Sep 2008
CSI:New York Marathon
Hey everyone, just a quick little update that the CSI:NY episode that Grace filmed last October will be airing on Spike TV, so for those of you that get the station be sure to keep an eye out for Grace. I believe the episode will air around 8:00PM (Eastern Time)

For those of you who read this update already, if you happen to visit again just note the time is 8:00 not 9:00

Posted by: Laura

26 Aug 2008
Video Archieve
While Grace had her media section up, it was all directed to youtube. I'm proud to let you all know that you won't have to worry about clips being deleted, since they are all on the site.

You can find them in the same place as they were to direct you to youtube, only now instead of clicking Watch Now, Simply press Show/Hide and a player will pop up and the video will play.

To watch a second video like you will see on her commercial page, you can either click to hide the player, or press show/hide on the next commercial and a second player will pop up below for you to view the clip.

Hope you enjoy this new feature!.

Id like to thank K-Media Hosting for hosting the media files, and also Id like to give a major thanks to the most awesome Jess for helping me out with a nice handy way to set up the media section for your viewing pleasure. Thanks muchly.


Posted by: Laura

19 Aug 2008
Hope & Faith Turn Three

Not one, but two very special birthday wishes are going out to two amazing little girls. Thats right, Hope and Faith are turning three.

Remember when you first saw them? Why don't you drop by the forum and leave not only a birthday message but how about when you saw Hope and Faith for the very first time. Did you catch there first episode and just aww at the screen? Whatever it was, share how you first saw these darling little girls.

Here is a birthday poem for you both Girls.
Chocolate ice cream up my nose
Frosting from ear to ear
Feeding candles to the cat
Party time is here

Funny hats on all the pets
Soda on the floor
Your turning three today
My how the time has passed

Happy Birthday Hope & Faith!

Click To Leave Hope and Faith a Birthday Message

Posted by: Laura

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