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10 Apr 2013
Grace Turns Ten!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are celebrating a milestone that is for sure!! Because when our not so little Roo wakes up this morning she is leaving the single digits behind as she enters the world of double digits. Gracie girl is celebrating her Tenth Birthday!!!! Where has the time gone. When this website opened we were preparing for Grace to celebrate her fourth birthday and now she is ten. We wish you the very best birthday and hope it is full of love, laughs, great company and some really great memories. Thanks to Marie I am happy to share this growing up birthday banner for you Grace! If you want to send Grace a birthday wish, please stop over and visit the Guestbook

Happy Tenth Birthday Grace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Laura

31 Oct 2012
The Mod Child "Grease Is The Way"
I have such an amazing update for everyone today!!! Grace recently booked and shot for The Mod Child with the beyond talented Marnie Goodfriend and Marnie and the kids ROCKED this shoot. It was a Grease themed shoot and Grace portrays Sandy in the shoot and talk about OUTSTANDING casting. Check out little Sandy and Danny. I am so much in love with all the images that have surfaced from the job, especially the one of "Sandy" and "Danny" together. I hope everyone loves the images as much as I do!! They can all be found in the gallery so be sure to check the out!!! Way to rock it Grace!!!

I thought that the casting for this shoot was so incredibly canning to Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta that I couldn't help but put together this side by side comparison. Grace and Cole really look like they could be a mini Sandy and Danny....or at the very least, maybe Sandy and Danny's kids!

Posted by: Laura

10 Apr 2012
Grace Turns Nine!
I feel like I start all birthday posts this way, but it amazes me every year to see how far Grace has come in the time I have known her. She was only three years old when I first met her and her family and today, when Grace wakes up and walks out into the world, she starts her day as a nine year old. That's right today is Grace's Ninth Birthday!!!! I hope you have a truly special day today Roo, and everyday after that. You are a special kid and just shine your light on everyone you meet. You're so caring and kind and funny to boot!. I hope today brings you great joy and don't forget to fill your belly with sweetness.

We have a special banner for the nine year old today that Marie made. She always brings such unique styles to images and she didn't let us down for the birthday girl.


Posted by: Laura

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