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30 Jan 2009
Kelloggs, Shilav, Hanna Andersson Scans
I was able to get the Parents magazine which featured Grace's full page ad for Eggos and have also included the second part of the scan which features "Megan's" Eggo creation. Not only is there scans of that ad you will also find some adorable shots of Grace in the Shilav Fall/Winter 2007 Catalogue. Such a great shoot so go check it out in the gallery. Also while adding in some older shots and higher quality at that I was also able to get Grace's adorable Hanna Andersson print from 2007 in High Quality. Links will follow below.

{002} Kellogg's Eggo - Parents Magazine 2009
{004} Shilav - Fall/Winter Catalogue 2007
{001} Hanna Andersson 2007 - High Quality

Posted by: Laura

10 Jan 2009
Kelloggs Eggo Print
The first update of 2009, or well it would have been if the site didn't get hacked. Still this would be the official first update of the new year and what a way to celebrate it!. I hope everyone has gone out and bought there February issue of Parents Magazine because if you open it up you will see Grace!. That's right the print work that Grace did last year for Kellogg's Eggo's has now been released. It is a full page ad, and this gorgeous little girl deserves to be on a full page spread shes just so cute and well I will stop babbling and let you all see for yourself!.

{001} Kellogg's Eggo - Parents Magazine 2009

Posted by: Laura

01 Dec 2008
Happy December
Happy December everyone! and what a better way to welcome the new month then with a new POTM. The layout has already been made and works really well for the cold winter and Grace looks all fashionable and cozy. So to stay with that theme here is a winter picture from January. How awesome in that coat she is wearing. Hope everyone has a great December. Also the fan Q&A will be wrapping up its 2008 year shortly so if you have any last minute questions don't forget to ask them then it will all be gathered up and put into the article and interview section with the one from 2007.

Posted by: Laura

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