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02 Mar 2009
New Look
Hey everyone, sorry for the temporary downtime but as you can see it was so very much worth it!. We have a new look to the site and I hope you love it as much as I do. Gives the site a nice new refreshing look, I think. Also I have added to the sidebar "Choice Graphic" so if you enjoy making fanart then come on over to the gallery and show us your stuff, you may just see it being featured on the main page. Also a shout out to Sophie for helping me out of a few tough spots with the coding. Thanks Sophie!. Enjoy the new look.

Posted by: Laura

28 Feb 2009
New Pages & Updates
Just a quick update to let everyone know what has been updated on the site. The first being the 2008 Q&A that took place on the forum. I have gathered up all the questions and answers and now they can be found in one handy location in Grace's section of articles and interviews. The next new page on the site well not so much new, more so recently redone is Grace's Biography page. Bio is still being worked on so until then you can now see three really cute pics of Grace on her bio for a new fresh look, you will also find some fun facts. Finally on the sidebar you will now find a section called Sibling Love and see an image of Hope, Joy & Faith. If you click on their pictures or there names below it will take you to their new page. Since Grace's sisters are a big part of her life it felt natural to give them a little section. Stuff is still being added to the page, so for now enjoy the pictures on the page.

Posted by: Laura

14 Feb 2009
Two Years Online!
I can't believe it, two years ago today Roo Baby was welcomed to the internet. It has come so far, no longer Roo Baby as of last year it became Simply Grace. So much has happened here and I only hope that so much more can continue to happen as we head on to our third year and more. I want to just extend a little thank you to the Dever family for everything they have done and allowing me to continue to run this site so thank you. Thank you to all the people who have helped in making the site look as amazing as it always looks.

For a special treat, not only is it Simply Grace's Two Year, but it is also Valentines Day!. Happy Valentines Day everyone, share it with those you love, tell someone you love them, hug a stranger and kiss a tree okay maybe don't go that far.

Thanks to Marie there is a surprise waiting for everyone on the forum and I won't say what it is because you will see it as soon as you click the banner below or the quick link on the side or the button in the navigation. Happy two year Simply Grace and Happy Valentines Day.

Banner By Marie

Posted by: Laura

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