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09 Apr 2009
Happy 6th Birthday Grace
Well it's not quite your birthday yet so I am sure your bouncing off the walls by now counting down the next few hours, but here its now exactly 12:00am and that means its your birthday!. I can't believe it Roo, your six yours old. So many birthdays we have got to share with you and see you continue to grow into the amazing little girl that you are today. Here at Simply Grace I want to wish you a very happy birthday as do all your friends and fans.

As you can see at the top we made a little something special for you Grace! It's all for you. The banner was made by Marie cause she always makes things look fabulous and we went with the idea of showing you in a birthday timeline. Look at how much you have grown. You got to experience all kinds of birthday fun at a little Hawaiian bash, a beach party, a fabulous princess tea party, then it was onto the ballet dancing and then it was time to cheer for being five. I am sure your sixth birthday blast will be nothing but amazing.

Happy Birthday Grace, I hope your day is full of so many great things, lots of love, some cool new toys and maybe some yummy cupcakes again or delicious cake!.

Wish Grace A Happy 6th Birthday HERE!

Posted by: Laura

02 Apr 2009
Megan's Master Splatterpiece
Megan from Atlanta, GA, better known as our very own Grace Dever!, her and her eggo pancakes can now be seen on the Kellogg's Leggo My Eggo Websie. The image has also been added to the gallery along with the scans from Parent Magazine you can follow the link below.

{001} Leggo My Eggo - Web

Posted by: Laura

24 Mar 2009
Welcome Spring!
As you might notice Simple Grace kinda got a big splash of Spring!. The lovely layout was made by the amazing Jess

We also have a new look to the style which was also done by Jess. I hope you all love it. I seriously love the colors and one of my fav shoots of Grace was used for the images. Also there is a new footer at the bottom that I think adds a little more splash of color to the site to don't forget to take a look at that to.

That's not all!, oh yeah, there is still more!. Head on over to the gallery to see a fantastic new layout made by Marie. She really rocked this layout and I was shocked when I realized I had never used that shoot in a layout cause I absolutely LOVE it awww look at Roo. Defo a nice touch of spring specially with the rocking red.

Posted by: Laura

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