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14 May 2009
Baby Born Commercial
I have deleted the previous video and screencaps from the baby born commercial and replaced them with a slightly higher quality video and caps. Seriously such a cute commercial and I am still as excited as when the baby born site put the commercial up. Grace you did an incredible job riding your big girl bike.

{012} Baby Born Commercial - Screencaps

Posted by: Laura

01 May 2009
Babystyle, Shilav, Infantino, Oh My!
Just here with an old gallery update for some of Grace's past work. Wouldn't it be cool if Grace shot for Infantino again? They do seem to love Grace and her sisters and well what's not to love and there pictures always come out so great. Anyway not here with new stuff but I hope everyone will enjoy this update there are some really cute images.

First I bring you some behind the scenes pictures of Grace back in 2006 when she modeled for Babystyle. Words cannot describe how cute they are so you will just have to take a look and see for yourself.

Next we have an image from Infantino of Grace and her sisters Hope and Faith from 2007, this image is what made it onto the product packaging, and can you blame them its a great shot of them together.

Finally to wrap up Grace's print are some really cute behind the scene pictures from Shilav. Grace is really having fun with some of her little friend's she made that day. It looked like a really fun shoot and Ursula Bensimon really did a wonderful job capturing the moments, thanks Devers as well as some are there personal pictures.

I have one more old update for you all today and maybe some of you will remember these pictures. For a gallery layout at least a couple before the current one is Grace on the beach in a lovely layout that Kat did and these were some of my fav pictures of Grace and knew they would make a wonderful Summer layout and it worked out awesome. Well I know bring you a few images from that day and they are just to perfect. Grace's curls really shine in these pics.

Just a quick note, some images have been placed into albums that already had some images that had been previously added. The new images are all the ones with the new tag on them, should be easy to find. Enjoy

{006} Babystyle 2006 - Behind The Scenes
{001} Infantino 2007 - Print Shoot
{017} Shilav 2007 - Behind The Scenes
{003} Anthony Godoy 2006 - Beach Shoot

Posted by: Laura

19 Apr 2009
New Look
I know, new look already? I want to thank Jess for the amazing layout I really did love it and it really gave the site a nice new look. Thanks Jess for all your hard work. We just couldn't deny the cuteness that came from the new easter pics that were taken and they just screamed make a new layout. So thanks to Marie we now have a new header and once again a fresh new look to Simply Grace. Also a shout out goes to Sophie as it's always nice getting an opinion for colors to make the layout match them just right.

Also for a couple quick changes you will notice a new POTM which is just so cute, Grace and her Best Friend Kali from the Luau event aswell as a new choice graphic. That pic is just way to cute.

Posted by: Laura

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