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01 Sep 2009
Hudson's Print - Aug 2009
Grace sure has had a busy summer not only did she get amazing new headshots, Grace also worked her magic in a print job for Hudsons. It looked like such a fun way to spend the day hanging out on the beach with new friends and just having fun while getting the job done. I have added pics from the magazine itself as well as proof images that were taken and just didn't make it into the magazine. The pictures are so fun and cute so be sure to check them out.

Speaking of Grace's new headshots there have been a few more added to the site and they can be found in her portfolio. They are the first three at the top of the page. I am still in awe of the headshots, the photographer did an incredible job and Grace rocked every pose.

Last but certainly not least the sisters section has also got a bit of an update where you will now find bios for Hope, Faith & Joy so be sure to check them out. There is a bit of fun and interesting news in there that I am sure everyone will be excited to read.

Since I am making a gallery update that's right! The gallery is back up and running you will also notice that the images have a new tag on them to try and keep this site as professional as it possibly can. Enjoy all the new changes everyone.

{002} Hudsons Magazine - Aug 2009
{008} Hudsons Proofs - Aug 2009

Posted by: Laura

24 Aug 2009
Forum Revamped
Once again Marie worked her amazing skills and made the awesome new forum layout that has now been added to the site. I really hope everyone likes the colors, it was a little tricky picking just the right ones without making people blind. I think they work great together so be sure to head on into the forum and check out the new look!. I just wanted to again thank Marie for lending her time to make the site look as amazing as it does so thank you Marie.

Posted by: Laura

22 Aug 2009
Headshots 2009
Grace recently had some brand new headshots done and they are possibly my fav ever shots of her. Roo really brings it and shows us just how much she can rock it for the camera. You got a little sneak peak at them when the new layouts went up but now if you head on over to Grace's Portfolio you will see not one, not two, but twenty four brand new headshots. Trust me when I say it will be hard to pick a favorite.

There are still more updates on there way with the revamp of the forum which I hope everyone will love along with a few pages that you will notice some changes to and so much more. For now enjoy those incredible headshots of Grace

Posted by: Laura

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