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25 Dec 2009
Happy Holidays & Hudsons Print
Merry Christmas I hope everyone is having a safe and happy Christmas with your friends, family and loved ones. Hopefully the weather is nice and not keeping anyone from there travels or having family coming in. I have a little present for everyone. Instead of the traditional holiday banner that usually goes up, I bring you an update. As you know Grace shot for Hudson's Magazine. Not only have we been blessed with Grace in the mag, proofs from the shoot and recently behind the scene photos, there are now MORE proofs that have been released. It really looks like Grace enjoyed herself and I just love the new images that have surfaced and I hope everyone does as well. Stay safe, and happy holidays.

{010} Hudsons Proofs - Aug 2009

Posted by: Laura

09 Dec 2009
Hudsons - Behind The Scenes
I hope everyone is enjoying December so far. It's hard to believe that Christmas is just a short time away. So for those of you who are having to shovel snow, and dig your car out or even having some chilled nights and rain showers, here are some pictures to warm you up.

Back in August, Grace was featured in the Hudson magazine and did amazing, here are some behind the scene pictures from that day working with her little friends and looking as cute as ever. Nothing like a job where you get to play on a beach all day, just remember the sunblock and it will be a great day.

{008} Hudsons - Behind The Scene - Aug 2009

Posted by: Laura

14 Nov 2009
Matilda Jane - Gypsy Blue Collection
Recently Grace shot for the clothing line Matilda Jane and as always did an amazing job. The shoot looked like so much fun and her personality continues to shine through everything she does. The amazing Shannon is responsible for the stunning shots of Grace, seriously just words cannot express how amazing the photos are.

Images that are featured on the official clothing website featuring Grace modeling the fall collection "Gypsy Blue" have been added to the gallery, including the advertisement card which features Grace on it, so cool! way to go Gracie.

Stay tuned for more updates from Matilda Jane as we also have a few more things in store for you all to see. It will be worth the wait. Enjoy the print shots.

{005} Matilda Jane "Gypsy Blue" - Fall 2009

Posted by: Laura

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