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14 Feb 2010
3 Years Online
Can you believe it?! Three years ago today the site was launched as Roo Baby. It has come along way since it's grand opening. We have watched Grace grow up in such a short amount of time. When the site first opened Grace was 3 years old soon to be turning 4. As we celebrate 3 years online, the site has gone from Roo Baby to it's new name of Simply Grace and she is now 6 years old soon to be 7.

We have been able to watch Grace as she has done several print jobs and continues to wow and amaze with that bubbly personality of hers and I am proud to be the webmaster here and keep everyone updated on new projects that she is up to.

I can't wait to see what this year has in store for Grace's projects and for the site. Thank you to all the fans who have been supporting Grace for all these years.

Posted by: Laura

07 Feb 2010
Madison Ave Photography Photoshoot
The shoot everyone has been waiting for has finally arrived. Back in August 2009, Grace shot for Matilda Jane Clothing and rocked the clothing line "gypsy blue". Not only did we get to see Grace in the images that were used for the line however thanks to the amazing Shannon Stewart of Madison Ave Photography we have this gorgeous photoshoot of all the images that were taken for the line. The clothes are stunning and Grace looked like she had a blast. She really is great at what she does and I for one can't wait to see what she does next. So I leave you for now with 14 stunning images from the Matilda Jane Photoshoot. There will be even more coming shortly.

{014} Madison Ave Photography - Aug 2009

Posted by: Laura

11 Jan 2010
First New Layout of 2010
Decided to give the forum a slight header change. The current theme worked awesome with the new header so the only thing really different is the image. Once again many and much thanks goes out to the amazing Marie, she decided to do something a little different and chose a featured picture of Grace and did an amazing job with only having the one image in the layout. I hope everyone likes it, it is from her Matilda Jane print job. It is personally one of my fav pictures check out her personality, she is having such fun.

Posted by: Laura

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