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02 Jun 2010
Disguise Costumes
I have a GREAT update for everyone today and not to mention one of Grace's favorite jobs!. She LOVED every second of it. Grace really loves her dress up. We have saw her as a fairy, a witch and now she got to BE Barbie and couldn't have been more excited to be Barbie.

Grace can be seen as Barbie in the latest costume line for Disguise Costumes and this year Disguise has also released a catalog and we are thrilled to see Grace having a full page to herself!. You may also notice that in these pictures Grace has all her teeth, that is because she shot it back around the time of the new school year. Way to go Grace I am so happy that the images were released. I hope that everyone enjoys seeing you as Barbie!.

{003} Disguise Costumes - 2010 Costume Line

Posted by: Laura

10 Apr 2010
Grace Turns 7 & Madison Ave Photoshoot
Today is a BIG day because our little Roo Baby is celebrating a very very special day today. Many memories will be made, and laughs will be fun, friends will come around and fun will be had because that's right Grace is celebrating her birthday right now!. It is such a big birthday as well Grace is turning seven years old, where has the time gone. The site has had the joy in watching Grace grow up into the amazing little girl she is today, when the site first opened Grace was the tender age of three soon to be hitting four. You have grown right before our eyes Gracie Girl. Have an amazing birthday today Grace, laugh, love & eat cake!. Everyone will be wishing you a happy birthday over on the forum so fans be sure to leave Grace a message.

Since the layout was the big birthday surprise here, here is a small surprise for everyone. Back in August last year Grace shot with Madison Ave Photography and I had only shared a few images from that day, today on her birthday I bring you the remaining fourteen images from the shoot. So much fun was had as you can see in the last batch of these photos. What a fun shoot and Grace you rocked it. Enjoy the pictures and once again Grace have an amazing day, Happy Birthday Roo Baby!

{014} Madison Ave Photography - Aug 2009

The new images can be found by going to page 2 & 3

Posted by: Laura

13 Mar 2010
Let The Birthday Celebrations Begin
As many of you know Grace is turning 7 this year, it is so hard to believe that Roo will be SEVEN. This site celebrated Grace's 4th birthday celebrations and I am happy to be able to be here another year and celebrate her 7th. To get the birthday celebrations started as it is only a few short weeks away, I bring you a BRAND NEW LAYOUT. It was made by the always awesome and always talented Marie, it took us a few tries to get this layout to the perfect version you see now but we made it and Marie, thank you for putting up with me to bring us this gorgeous layout, many thanks.

You may be noticing a lot of pink and green and there is good reason for that. Grace happens to be quite the little Wicked fan, she is constantly Defying Gravity with everything she does, as you can see in the layout and on the footer instead of going with the basic Official site we decided to change it up to something more suiting for Grace and went with Defying Gravity. I hope everyone likes this new look as much as I know Grace does. If you haven't had a chance to see Wicked, I hope you at least have heard the soundtrack, if not it is worth checking out, the songs are amazing.

Keep checking back to see what other birthday surprises are in store for you.

Posted by: Laura

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