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19 Aug 2010
Hope & Faith Turn 5 & Guestbook
Today is a very special day because Hope and Faith have turned a whole high five!!! It is shocking to think back that a few short years ago we were celebrating Grace's 5th birthday and now we are celebrating the magical number 5 for these two gorgeous growing girls!. Where as the time gone.

Thanks to the girls mom we have a very special surprise for everyone. Brand new pictures of Hope and Faith featured in their 5th birthday shoot and we are presenting them to you in a very special way that also includes there big sister Grace. We have a brand new feature to the site a GUESTBOOK! which features Grace, Hope and Faith in the layout made by the amazing Marie she really out did herself this time. The girls have all grown so much so please stop by the guestbook and leave some comments.

The FORUM will still remain open and for the time being it can be accessed from both the layout and the quick link button on the side, eventually the forum will become just a quick link button. So please if you love using the forum feel free to stop in. Updates will still be posted in there so you can discuss them, aswell as birthday messages can be left in the girls sections. Thanks for supporting the Devers!

Posted by: Laura

15 Aug 2010
Little Society Fall 2010
While it may have been a slower year for Grace as far as work goes we have really been blessed with the jobs she has done and the amount of pictures that have surfaced from them. The fun just keeps on coming with this new print job that Grace had shot a short while ago that has now been released! and I am able to share all the awesome pictures from it. Grace shot for the clothing company LITTLE SOCIETY and had a blast with her little friends while they compared what teeth they had lost as they sat around the camp fire.

Grace is growing up so fast and I am sure you will notice just how quickly she has grown since the last few updates to the site. We can't wait to see what the rest of the year will bring for you Grace we know whatever happens you will have so much fun doing it, and meeting all kinds of new people and telling all kinds of stories.

These AMAZING pictures were taking by a photographer we truly adore, the always fabulous GRETCHEN EASTON

{008} Little Society Fall 2010

Posted by: Laura

02 Jul 2010
Target & Matilda Jane
Back in October 2008, Grace shot some Halloween costume ads for Target. Thanks to the AMAZING Photographer LISA LOFTUS we have two incredible images of Grace that weren't used for the target ad and I am so beyond excited to be able to share these pictures with everyone. In these two pictures you can see her range on emotions like we do in every picture she takes but she really works her magic in these pictures. I could talk about these pictures forever but I will let you just see for yourself how awesome they are. Thank you Lisa for such an amazing shoot! It's so fun to be able to look back and see how much Grace has grown in the last couple of years.

{002} Target 2008 Proofs
{001} Matilda Jane 2009

Also just a quick update, Matilda Jane's clothing line is having a 40% off sale between July 7th - July 21st and guess who was featured in the ad...YUP! Grace!!. The ad has been added to the gallery. Make sure you check out the sales, there may be something you absolutely love!

Posted by: Laura

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