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25 Dec 2010
Merry Christmas!
What is that sound I hear? Why it’s the laughs and giggles coming from four magical little girls as they race downstairs to see what Santa left for them under the tree!. Merry Christmas from Grace, Hope, Faith and Joy and the rest of the Dever family. We hope your spending your Christmas morning with the ones you love and celebrating the true meaning of Christmas, its not about the presents its about the memories you create and the love that you share with the ones who mean the most to you.

We hope that you have a FABULOUS Christmas and enjoy in all the traditions that your families share, old and new, and create lots of new memories that will hold a special place in your heart for many years to come. Fill those bellies with delicious food and sugary goodness and remember to tell the people you love how much you love them and give them a BIG hug.
Happy Holidays to all the fans who continue to support Grace in all her accomplishments, we wish you lots of joy this time of year. Here is a banner that our good friend Marie made for us.

Posted by: Laura

03 Nov 2010
Hudson's Photoshoot
Last month Grace shot for Hudson Magazine and we were very blessed to have not one but two amazing photographers on location for the shoot. We have some gorgeous photos by photographer Julie aswell as some fun and lovely shots by RD. I can't even begin to tell you how much I love each and every photo. You girls did fabulous and thank you so much for sharing the images with this site.

Make sure you check out both sets of photos because seriously words cannot describe how stunning they are, so you will just have to go look at them all for yourselves!!!

{012} Julie Megilll Photography
{012} RD Hudson Shoot

Posted by: Laura

01 Oct 2010
New Look & Hudsons
Happy October everyone! What a better way to celebrate the amazing cool fall weather, the stunning leaves that are changing into there gorgeous colors, the smells of pumpkin spice, apple pies and so many more things that scream FALL IS HERE, then with a BRAND NEW LAYOUT. As you can see we have a brand new layout to Grace's site that was made by the always talented Marie at Frontier Designs that features some of Grace's brand new headshots!. We also have an equally amazing GALLERY LAYOUT that features another series of new headshots, Gracie Girl you sure are growing up right before our eyes. Enjoy the new layouts, we hope you love them as much as we do.

That's not the only news we have for everyone today though. Awhile back Grace shot for the magazine HUDSONS, we LOVE Hudsons, Grace has shot for them before and had a blast on the beach, this time she gets to sell Lemonade with her friends. The issue has been released and we are happy to bring you images featured in the magazine. Please check them out because we know you will truly love them. Oh and I simply cannot forget to mention this part...GRACE IS ON THE COVER!!! Way to go Grace!!!. Photos were shot by Julie Megill, if you leave a comment in the guestbook or on the forum let Julie know what you thought of her spread. We hope you get to shoot many more jobs Julie you rocked every second of Hudsons!

{010} Hudsons October/November Issue 2010

Posted by: Laura

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