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13 Mar 2011
Headshots 2006 - 2009!
A special treat for everyone today. We have decided to add a HEADSHOT section to the gallery of the site. Before we get to the pictures I would just like to address that same rules apply as they do in the PORTFOLIO. Which for those of you who don't remember, they are to remain on the site, so because they are in the gallery we would still like them to remain them, this way it's just easier viewing for everyone and keeps them all together by year. Over the years of 2006 - 2009 is what we currently have for headshots and over those years Grace has worked with some phenomenal photographers and were so blessed for all the captures of Grace they did over the years. All current headshots can be found by clicking on the images below. Please continue to follow the rules addressed on the site. It is also really fun to see how much Grace has grown over those 3 years and how much she continues to grow.

{052} 2006 - 2009 Headshots

Posted by: Laura

14 Feb 2011
4 Years Online
While everyone is telling there loved ones how much they love them, or sending out special treats baked with loved to all the ones they care about here at Simply Grace we are celebrating FOUR YEARS ONLINE. Thank you to everyone who continues to visit the site, leave comments in the guestbook, play games in the forum and show your support we really appreciate how amazing all you true fans have been. It has been a real pleasure to have been Simply Grace's webmiss and I have enjoyed every minute of it, it doesn't even feel like four years because I truly love doing what I do.

Thank you Dever family for trusting me with the site and here is to another amazing year here at Simply Grace! As a special treat we have images from when Grace shot her Kelloggs ad that was hitting magazines all over the world. We have actual photoshoot images from the ad including the cover shot we all had got to see and a new image that wasn't released until now! We are thrilled they were released because they are really really adorable photos! Happy Valentines Day and Happy Four Years Online Simply Grace!

{002} Kelloggs Eggo Waffles

Posted by: Laura

06 Jan 2011
Happy New Year
I hope everyone had an amazing New Year, and were able to stay awake to ring in 2011, or maybe you have little ones at home and celebrated it early and had a blast. I hope that it was safe and you shared it with people you love or with some really good friends.

I have a treat for everyone today, what a way to welcome a new year then with a brand new print job!. To finish out the year of 2010 Grace shot for the print company GLIMMER BODY ART

Posted by: Laura

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