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23 Apr 2011
Even More Disney!
This may be one of my fav print jobs ever and this makes me even more excited that more images have surfaced from Grace's DISNEY print!. We have three brand new images of Grace bringing summer in full force and as if I am not excited enough one of the new images comes straight from the Disney Store! That is right Grace can be seen larger then life in the front windows at Disney Store! It really makes it feel like summer is on its way. Not only do we have these amazing new pictures, we have two special photos of Grace standing with her poster. It constantly amazes me how grown up she continues to be and I can't help but add my comment on how much I love her outfit!. You truly rocked it Grace, can't wait to see what else is just around the corner

I would also like to wish everyone a Happy Easter and hope you enjoy it with your family and do something special, whether its waking up and having a delicious breakfast, looking around to see what the Easter bunny left you. Whatever your traditions are we hope you enjoy them

Posted by: Laura

10 Apr 2011
Grace Turns 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is a special day in the warm sun as a little girl is waking up with her bright eyes filled with excitement and today is the day that GRACE TURNS 8!!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday Grace!!! I hope you have a fabulous day today and that all your dreams come true. She had a birthday extravaganza that took place yesterday with all her friends and family and had a blast so I hope that today is just as special and amazing for you!! Happy Happy Birthday Grace!!!

As you can see there is a brand new layout for our Birthday Girl today made by the always awesome MARIE, showing just how much she has grown right before our eyes, it is hard to believe that she was only a tiny little 3 year old turning 4 when the site first launched and now she is 8 years old! Your growing up so fast Grace. I hope your day is as special as you are and that you love your birthday layout.

Wish Grace a birthday message in her Guestbook or Forum!.

Posted by: Laura

25 Mar 2011
Disney & Pottery Barn Kids!!
Way to kick off the year Gracie Girl with 2 brand new bookings!! It makes me wish summer were here!. Recently Grace booked and shot for two major companies and pictures have been released!!! We have some fabulous new pictures of Grace for the one and only DISNEY!!! look at how much our little Roo Baby has grown, there is just something about that image of her with the hat looking up, simply stunning!. We have three brand new images of Grace for Disney which have now been added to the gallery

Not only was Grace busy getting her swim on with Disney's swimwear she worked for the fabulous POTTERY BARN KIDS talk about an awesome day of work hanging out on the beach and having a blast, she can be seen with her friends and there is something so magical about the picture of Grace in the banner ad where she is actually running away, it looks so freeing just running on the beach with your towel as if you were able to fly. Pure brilliance and I love how her day was captured. Way to kick off 2011 Grace!!!

Posted by: Laura

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