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31 Oct 2011
Disguise Costumes
Happy Halloween!!! We are sure that as you read this update your probably preparing for a fun night of spooks and giggles, not to mention a belly full of candy!. Or your little ones are tugging at your feet trying to get you to hurry up to make the day go by faster so they can begin a night of trick or treating. We hope whatever you do tonight, you all stay safe!. What better day to share this update then on Halloween. Grace modeled once again for Disguise Costumes and with each new product release, Grace continues to grow right before our eyes. Check out the two beautiful costumes she can be seen wearing this year!. If you check your local Halloween stores you may not only see Grace's costume from this year but also from the past to as so far we have had sightings of her Barbie costume aswell as seeing tiny little Grace on her rubies costume also. Have a safe and happy Halloween!!

Posted by: Laura

13 Sep 2011
Disney Fall Fashion & Important Message
I want to start off first addressing that we are so proud of everyone who has been following the rules. We appreciate it so much. We have added a section on the side bar called Important Message so this way everyone who visits new and old will see the rules that we would like to continue to see followed.

Now back to scheduled updates!!! Nothing like coming back with updates then showing off some fun fall fashions with Disney! We are so thankful to Disney because they have been providing Grace with so many fun opportunities. Not only has she appeared in several images within the website, but she has appeared in banners, email advertizements aswell as being the in store poster girl TWICE. Way to go Grace!. I can't get over how grown up she looks in these new photos.

Posted by: Laura

20 Jul 2011
A Fresh Start & No Youtube Videos
Simply Grace is not closing, this time. However if rules are not followed then the site will close. All images of Grace are to remain on THIS site. As mentioned Grace's mom is a photographer, if anyone finds images of Grace not posted on this site that is because the family doesn't want them shared with the public and you as the fans should respect that. If you choose not to respect this rule and images start surfacing that have not been shared on the site then there will be no final warning. The site will be shut down.

If you all love Grace and this site as much as you say you do, then you will accept these rules and just enjoy the updates made on this site. Do not go looking for images of Grace because all images that the family want shared, and news shared will be found here, this is the one and only source you should be looking for information on Grace's career. The Dever family is giving you all one more chance, and if you blow that chance, there won't be a warning like there was this time, the gallery won't be locked, the site will be gone and that will be that. Consider this the final warning.

One rule that has been added that MUST be followed and I will just put it simple for everyone reading this message There is to be no youtube videos made of Grace. Hopefully this should make it easier so there isn't so much confusion of what is and is not allowed on youtube. There are so many other ways to support Grace's career, that I'm sure you will understand this is for the best.


I don't know how much clearer we have to be, do you guys not read what we write here? Just go to the gallery and help yourselves. It is in bold and has been added to the subject title and I will bold it once again in hopes to have your attention THERE ARE TO BE NO MORE YOUTUBE VIDEOS MADE OF GRACE. Just because the gallery is open doesn't mean you can go help yourself to photos and start making photos. Photos are NOT to be removed.

Posted by: Laura

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