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07 Aug 2017
Brand New Layouts
Well hello out there! It has been several months since a last update was made here on Grace's website, so in order to really freshen things up there are THREE BRAND NEW LAYOUTS It has been long overdue and since the last update was made, our Gracie Girl has celebrated her 14h birthday so we wanted a website that was a little more stylish for our growing girl. Major thanks to Serberry Designs for her hard work on these stunning layouts, and a shout out to Grace's mom for taking such gorgeous photos for us to work with.

Grace isn't the only one who has gone and grown up on us these days, we decided to feature all four Dever girls from a recent photoshoot to show how much they have all grown up! So don't forget to visit the Guestbook to see how much Faith, Hope and Joy have grown up too.

Last and not least we gave the Gallery a brand new look too featuring a photo from Grace's 13th birthday photoshoot. We hope everyone loves the new look around here as much as we do, and let us all take a moment to let the fact sink in, and also wish our girl the best of luck and an amazing year as she heads off to her first year of Highschool!

Posted by: Laura

01 Nov 2016
Happy Halloween!
We know this is a day late, but we were clearly too busy collecting Halloween candy and seeing all the amazing costumes that the kids were wearing this year and they came trick or treating. We hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Halloween this year. We also have a bit of news for everyone. Grace was back doing some print work for a company she is no stranger too. Grace worked for Disguise Costumes again, something she last did back in 2012, so she has grown quite a bit since then.

Posted by: Laura

10 Apr 2016
Mammoth Family Fun!!
To kick things of this year, Grace and her family made a trip out to Mammoth. Last year when they went we got some beautiful photos of Grace playing in the snow. Well her mom surely didn't fail this year and we have an added bonus! Grace and her sister Faith took to the snow and did an amazing photoshoot together. These girls sure are growing up so fast. Speaking of growing up really fast, Grace was three years old when we opened her website and was turning four. The tiny little human with bouncy curls is celebrating her thirteenth birthday. We hope you have a wonderful day celebrating 13 Gracie girl and everyday following! Happy Birthday Grace!!!!!

Posted by: Laura

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